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Oak Grove Baptist Church 509 Hwy. 108, Ashdown, Arkansas 71822 (870) 898-3935 If you would like more information about Oak Grove Baptist Church or the way of salvation please leave your contact information and someone will be in touch. Thanks,

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Daily Bible Reading – ESV w/ Audio
Daily Bible Reading – ESV w/ Audio
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Will you come worship Christ with us?

For joy to be complete, it must be shared!  Ps 34- Come taste and see that the Lord is good!!  Blessing God can seem confusing to our modern ear.  When you bless God, you recognize and praise God for who he is. You are not giving him anything as if God was an insecure teenager who needed affirmation. But you are saying, “Lord, you are blessed!” When we magnify God together, we are not making him greater, but we are setting his greatness before our eyes and praising him for it. This means that worship is the most sane and rational thing we can do. We see reality, we see the greatness of God, and we align our hearts with the truth.  Come join us in our joy in Christ!

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Verse of the Day
Bible Verse of the Day
Let what you heard from the beginning abide in you. If what you heard from the beginning abides in you, then you too will abide in the Son and in the Father.

A Word From our Elders

Welcome to the beautiful month of May!! As we watch the flowers bloom and feel the warming of the days, we are reminded of the beauty that surrounds us. The month of May is a perfect time for the community of faith at Oak Grove to reflect on what it means to live in Christ – The Beautiful Savior.

Living in Christ (Phil 1:21) is much more than a passive or private state; it’s an active and publicly displayed condition of the heart that seeks to serve King Jesus as each new day brings new mercies (Lam 3:22,23). It’s good to remind ourselves of the gospel every day in that He has made us a new (that which did not previously exist) creation. Christ has caused us to be born again (1Pet1:3) and we are no longer what we used to be when we were His enemies. This reality never makes us arrogant, but truly humbles us and changes the trajectory of all our lives. Only through being born again can we love such a beautiful Lord and Savior and our neighbors as we love ourselves! Just as the flowers bloom every May, our being in Christ causes fruit to bloom in our life as a branch (Jn 15:4). May our actions, words, and thoughts reflect His grace and mercy to everyone (including those in our own household)!

As we journey through May, let us remember that we are the authorized servants (2 Cor 5:20) of King Jesus on the earth to glorify Him most, make disciples of others, and be His hands and feet within a fear-filled, self-oriented, broken world. Phil 1:19-30 is a wonderful passage to meditate upon; fruitful labor, living for Christ instead of worldly success, spiritual discipline if you dare (!), can fill our lives this month in Christ and bring us the most joy at the same time.

May the month of MAY be a time of renewal and growth in faith, hope, and love as we live in Christ and seek to bring Him glory!

In May, the flowers rise and bloom,
A canvas brushed with spring’s perfume.
In Christ we live, His ways we choose,
His path of love, we’ll not refuse!
Each day a step, each action right, Reflecting grace, brought from darkness up into light.
Our hearts as open, as the sky,
With Christ, in joy, we live and thrive.
The perfect Word, a helping hand,
The spreading of love across the land.
May’s warmth invites us to embrace,
A life in Christ, filled with grace!

Bro Tony



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