Continue Praying for Mr. Joe

Ok…first we want to thank everyone for their prayers for Joe and us. Second, just to give some info and an update, Joe is actually at Little River Nursing and Rehab. That developed because Pleasant Manor didn’t have a place for him. Last we had explained to brother Adam was that Joe was going there. Well, that didn’t happen. Sorry for the misinformation, but now that we have him in Ashdown , LR Nursing and Rehab room 403 is where he is. His first night didn’t quite go so well. He had 2 seizures, one at the nursing facility and another on the way to the ER. They gave him some meds to help with the seizing (no history of that before now). He is resting now, but I feel this had an effect on him. Please continue praying for him and us. Thank you so much and we love each and every one of you!!! God bless you all!!!

– Rickey Boothe

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